Nanodevices - Publicaciones del año 2023

13. N. Ontoso, C. Safeer, J. Ingla-Aynes, F. Herling, L. Hueso, M. Calvo and F. Casanova
Applied Physics Letters 123, 032401 (2023)
Out-of-plane spin-to-charge conversion at low temperatures in graphene/MoTe2 heterostructures

12. I. Arango, A. Anadon, S. Novoa, V. Pham, W. Choi, J. Alegre, L. Badie, A. Chuvilin, L. Hueso, F. Casanova and C. Rojas-Sanchez
Spin-to-charge conversion by spin pumping in sputtered polycrystalline BixSe1-x

11. M. Molina-Garcia, S. Bellani, A. Castillo, I. Conticello, L. Gabatel, M. Zappia, M. Eredia, S. Thorat, B. Martin-Garcia, L. Ceseracciu, M. Piccinni and F. Bonaccorso
Journal Of Physics-Materials 6, 035006 (2023)
Wet-jet milling exfoliated hexagonal boron nitride as industrial anticorrosive pigment for polymeric coatings

10. J. Pawlak, W. Skowronski, P. Kuswik, M. Gajewska, F. Casanova and M. Przybylski
Advanced Electronic Materials , (2023)
Spin Hall Induced Magnetization Dynamics in Multiferroic Tunnel Junction

9. A. Boschi, A. Kovtun, F. Liscio, Z. Xia, K. Kim, S. Avila, S. De Simone, V. Mussi, C. Barone, S. Pagano, M. Gobbi, P. Samori, M. Affronte, A. Candini, V. Palermo and A. Liscio
Small , (2023)
Mesoscopic 3D Charge Transport in Solution-Processed Graphene-Based Thin Films: A Multiscale Analysis

8. A. Ray, B. Martin-Garcia, M. Prato, A. Moliterni, S. Bordignon, D. Spirito, S. Marras, L. Goldoni, K. Boopathi, F. Moro, N. Casati, C. Giacobbe, M. Saidaminov, C. Giannini, M. Chierotti, R. Krahne, L. Manna and A. Abdelhady
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 15, 28166 (2023)
Mixed Organic Cations Promote Ambient Light-Induced Formation of Metallic Lead in Lead Halide Perovskite Crystals

7. I. Groen, V. Pham, S. Ilic, A. Chuvilin, W. Choi, E. Sagasta, D. Vaz, I. Arango, N. Ontoso, F. Bergeret, L. Hueso, I. Tokatly and F. Casanova
Physical Review B 107, 184438 (2023)
Emergence of large spin-charge interconversion at an oxidized Cu/W interface
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6. A. Nikitin, R. Hillenbrand, A. Bylinkin, F. Calavalle, M. Barra-Burillo, R. Kirtaev, E. Nikulina, E. Modin, E. Janzen, J. Edgar, F. Casanova, L. Hueso, V. Volkov, P. Vavassori, I. Aharonovich and P. Alonso-Gonzalez
Nano Letters 23, 3985 (2023)
Dual-Band Coupling of Phonon and Surface Plasmon Polaritons with Vibrational and Electronic Excitations in Molecules

5. H. Yang, M. Ormaza, Z. Chi, E. Dolan, J. Ingla-Aynes, C. Safeer, F. Herling, N. Ontoso, M. Gobbi, B. Martin-Garcia, F. Schiller, L. Hueso and F. Casanova
Nano Letters 23, 4406 (2023)
Gate-Tunable Spin Hall Effect in an All-Light-Element Heterostructure: Graphene with Copper Oxide

4. S. Chen, P. Leng, A. Konecna, E. Modin, M. Gutierrez-Amigo, E. Vicentini, B. Martin-Garcia, M. Barra-Burillo, I. Niehues, C. Escudero, X. Xie, L. Hueso, E. Artacho, J. Aizpurua, I. Errea, M. Vergniory, A. Chuvilin, F. Xiu and R. Hillenbrand
Nature Materials 22, 860 (2023)
Real-space observation of ultraconfined in-plane anisotropic acoustic terahertz plasmon polaritons

2. M. Sekhar, G. Pippia, I. Tanghe, B. Martin-Garcia, A. Rousaki, P. Vandenabeele, P. Schiettecatte, I. Moreels and P. Geiregat
Charge Carrier Dynamics in Colloidally Synthesized Monolayer MoX2 Nanosheets

1. N. Ontoso, C. Safeer, F. Herling, J. Ingla-Aynes, H. Yang, Z. Chi, B. Martin-Garcia, I. Robredo, M. Vergniory, F. de Juan, M. Calvo, L. Hueso and F. Casanova
Physical Review Applied 19, 014053 (2023)
Unconventional Charge-to-Spin Conversion in Graphene/MoTe2 van der Waals Heterostructures
Copyright by the American Physical Society. This article may be downloaded for personal use only. Any other use requires prior permission of the author and the APS.