Sala blanca

The nanoGUNE cleanroom is dedicated to fabricate and characterize the properties of materials on the nanoscale. The cleanroom is approximately a 300m2 laboratory and contains an acoustically damped room for eBeam lithography processes.

The classification of the nanoGUNE cleanroom is ISO 5 (class 100), ISO 6 (class 1000), and ISO 7 (class 10000).  The air purity is under strict supervision within the cleanroom. Air quality is controlled by Filter Fan Units except for the eBeam lithography room that has a dedicated air-handling unit.

eBeam Lithography Room

Fabrication of nanoscale structures and imaging.

Photo Bay

Optical lithography, nano-scale fabrication.

Etching Bay

Wet and dry etching operations and nanofabrication.

Deposition Bay

Growth of nanoscale film and multilayer structures and nanoscale material characterization.


State-of-the-art equipment, including electron and scanning-tunneling microscopes, as well as other nanofabrication and characterization tools, are managed by specialists and used by researchers from a wide variety of fields.

Equipamiento e infraestructura

Una infraestructura única de 6 200m2 con una sala blanca de 300m2 y 15 laboratorios ultrasensibles con equipamiento de vanguardia.


Ralph Gay

Ralph Gay

Cleanroom Manager
+34 943574015