Nanomagnetism - Publicaciones del año 2022

5. A. Kimel, A. Zvezdin, S. Sharma, S. Shallcross, N. de Sousa, A. Garcia-Martin, G. Salvan, J. Hamrle, O. Stejskal, J. McCord, S. Tacchi, G. Carlotti, P. Gambardella, G. Salis, M. Munzenberg, M. Schultze, V. Temnov, I. Bychkov, L. Kotov, N. Maccaferri, D. Ignatyeva, V. Belotelov, C. Donnelly, A. Rodriguez, I. Matsuda, T. Ruchon, M. Fanciulli, M. Sacchi, C. Du, H. Wang, N. Armitage, M. Schubert, V. Darakchieva, B. Liu, Z. Huang, B. Ding, A. Berger and P. Vavassori
Journal of Physics D-Applied Physics 55, 463003 (2022)
The 2022 magneto-optics roadmap

4. C. Valderrama, M. Quintana, A. Martinez-de-Guerenu, T. Yamauchi, Y. Hamada, Y. Kurokawa, H. Yuasa and A. Berger
Journal of Physics D-Applied Physics 55, 435007 (2022)
Sensitivity and reproducibility of transverse magneto-optical Kerr effect (T-MOKE) ellipsometry
This is the author's version of the paper after peer review. Copyright by the Institute of Physics and the IOP Publishing Ltd

3. U. Vernik, A. Lomonosov, V. Vlasov, L. Kotov, D. Kuzmin, I. Bychkov, P. Vavassori and V. Temnov
Physical Review B 106, 144420 (2022)
Resonant phonon-magnon interactions in freestanding metal-ferromagnet multilayer structures

2. P. Gypens, N. Leo, M. Menniti, P. Vavassori and J. Leliaert
Physical Review Applied 18, 024014 (2022)
Thermoplasmonic Nanomagnetic Logic Gates
Copyright by the American Physical Society. This article may be downloaded for personal use only. Any other use requires prior permission of the author and the APS.

1. V. Unikandanunni, F. Rigoni, M. Hoffmann, P. Vavassori, S. Urazhdin and S. Bonetti
Applied Physics Letters 120, 021601 (2022)
Ultrafast electron dynamics in platinum and gold thin films driven by optical and terahertz fields
This is the author's version of the paper after peer review - Copyright by the American Institute of Physics. This article may be downloaded for personal use only