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2019 Publications

1. Y. Privar, E. Modin and S. Bratskaya
Progress on Chemistry and Application of Chitin and its Derivatives 24, 164 (2019)

2. Y. Ivanov, J. Leliaert, A. Crespo, M. Pancaldi, C. Tollan, J. Kosel, A. Chuvilin and P. Vavassori
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 11, 4678 (2019)
Design of Intense Nanoscale Stray Fields and Gradients at Magnetic Nanorod Interfaces

3. E. Rubalskii, S. Ruemke, C. Salmoukas, A. Aleshkin, S. Bochkareva, E. Modin, B. Mashaqi, E. Boyle, D. Boethig, M. Rubalsky, E. Zulkarneev, C. Kuehn and A. Haverich
Fibrin glue as a local drug-delivery system for bacteriophage PA5
application/pdf Open Access

4. S. Garcia-Garcia, A. Lopez-Ortega, Y. Zheng, Y. Nie, K. Cho, A. Chuvilin and M. Knez
Chemical Science 10, 2171 (2019)
Ligand-induced reduction concerted with coating by atomic layer deposition on the example of TiO2-coated magnetite nanoparticles
application/pdf Copyright of the Royal Society of Chemistry

5. D. Pavlov, S. Syubaev, A. Kuchmizhak, S. Gurbatov, O. Vitrik, E. Modin, S. Kudryashov, X. Wang, S. Juodkazis and M. Lapine
Applied Surface Science 469, 514 (2019)
Direct laser printing of tunable IR resonant nanoantenna arrays

6. O. Sedelnikova, S. Stolyarova, A. Chuvilin, A. Okotrub and L. Bulusheva
Applied Physics Letters 114, 091901 (2019)
Holey graphene with enhanced near-infrared absorption: Experimental and DFT study
application/pdf Copyright by the American Institute of Physics. This article may be downloaded for personal use only

7. L. Boinovich, A. Emelyanenko, K. Emelyanenko and E. Modin
ACS Nano 13, 4335 (2019)
Modus Operandi of Protective and Anti-icing Mechanisms Underlying the Design of Longstanding Outdoor Icephobic Coatings

8. D. Bulushev, V. Sobolev, L. Pirutko, A. Starostina, I. Asanov, E. Modin, A. Chuvilin, N. Gupta, A. Okotrub and L. Bulusheva
Catalysts 9, 376 (2019)
Hydrogen Production from Formic Acid over Au Catalysts Supported on Carbon: Comparison with Au Catalysts Supported on SiO2 and Al2O3

9. S. Bratskaya, Y. Privar, D. Nesterov, E. Modin, M. Kodess, A. Slobodyuk, D. Marinin and A. Pestov
Biomacromolecules 20, 1635 (2019)
Chitosan Gels and Cryogels Cross-Linked with Diglycidyl Ethers of Ethylene Glycol and Polyethylene Glycol in Acidic Media

10. A. Tonkikh, V. Tsebro, E. Obraztsova, D. Rybkovskiy, A. Orekhov, I. Kondrashov, E. Kauppinen, A. Chuvilin and E. Obraztsova
Nanoscale 11, 6755 (2019)
Films of filled single-wall carbon nanotubes as a new material for high-performance air-sustainable transparent conductive electrodes operating in a wide spectral range

11. Y. Ivanov, S. Soltan, J. Albrecht, E. Goering, G. Schuetz, Z. Zhang and A. Chuvilin
ACS Nano 13, 5655 (2019)
The Route to Supercurrent Transparent Ferromagnetic Barriers in Superconducting Matrix

12. C. Maissen, S. Chen, E. Nikulina, A. Govyadinov and R. Hillenbrand
ACS Photonics 6, 1279 (2019)
Probes for Ultrasensitive THz Nanoscopy

13. D. Bulushev, A. Chuvilin, V. Sobolev, L. Pirutko, Y. Fedoseeva, E. Lobiak, E. Modin, A. Okotrub and L. Bulusheva
Topics In Catalysis 62, 508 (2019)
Single Au Atoms on the Surface of N-Free and N-Doped Carbon: Interaction with Formic Acid and Methanol Molecules

14. S. Merkens, M. Vakili, A. Sanchez-Iglesias, L. Litti, Y. Gao, P. Gwozdz, L. Sharpnack, R. Blick, L. Liz-Marzan, M. Grzelczak and M. Trebbin
ACS Nano 13, 6596 (2019)
Time-Resolved Analysis of the Structural Dynamics of Assembling Gold Nanoparticles

15. Y. Privar, D. Shashura, A. Pestov, E. Modin, A. Baklykov, D. Marinin and S. Bratskaya
International Journal Of Biological Macromolecules 131, 806 (2019)
Metal-chelate sorbents based on carboxyalkylchitosans: Ciprofloxacin uptake by Cu(II) and Al(III)-chelated cryogels of N-(2-carboxyethyl) chitosan

16. N. Rajabalinia, S. Hamzehlou, E. Modin, A. Chuvilin, J. Leiza and J. Asua
Applied Cata* 52, 5298 (2019)
Coupling HAADF-STEM Tomography and Image Reconstruction for the Precise Characterization of Particle Morphology of Composite Polymer Latexes

17. A. Philippi-Kobs, A. Farhadi, L. Matheis, D. Lott, A. Chuvilin and H. Oepen
Physical Review Letters 123, 137201 (2019)
Impact of Symmetry on Anisotropic Magnetoresistance in Textured Ferromagnetic Thin Films
application/pdf Copyright by the American Physical Society. This article may be downloaded for personal use only

18. I. Kosta, I. Garcia, A. Chuvilin, E. Medina, H. Grande and R. Tena-Zaera
Surface & Coatings Technology 374, 957 (2019)
Ionic liquid-based electrodeposition of ZnS:nano-MoS2 composite films with self-lubricating properties

19. S. Bratskaya, K. Sergeeva, M. Konovalova, E. Modin, E. Svirshchevskaya, A. Sergeev, A. Mironenko and A. Pestov
Colloids And Surfaces B-Biointerfaces 182, 110342 (2019)
Ligand-assisted synthesis and cytotoxicity of ZnSe quantum dots stabilized by N-(2-carboxyethyl)chitosans

20. E. Matus, A. Suboch, A. Lisitsyn, D. Svintsitskiy, E. Modin, A. Chuvilin, Z. Ismagilov and O. Podyacheva
Diamond And Related Materials 98, UNSP 107484 (2019)
Beneficial role of the nitrogen-doped carbon nanotubes in the synthesis of the active palladium supported catalyst

21. S. Stolyarova, V. Koroteev, Y. Shubin, P. Plyusnin, A. Makarova, A. Okotrub and L. Bulusheva
Energy Technology 7, UNSP 1900659 (2019)
Pressure-Assisted Interface Engineering in MoS2/Holey Graphene Hybrids for Improved Performance in Li-ion Batteries

22. D. Melnikau, A. Govyadinov, A. Sanchez-Iglesias, M. Grzelczak, I. Nabiev, L. Liz-Marzan and Y. Rakovich
Double Rabi Splitting in a Strongly Coupled System of Core-Shell Au@Ag Nanorods and J-Aggregates of Multiple Fluorophores

23. S. Velez, V. Golovach, J. Gomez-Perez, A. Chuvilin, C. Bui, F. Rivadulla, L. Hueso, F. Bergeret and F. Casanova
Physical Review B 100, 180401 (2019)
Spin Hall magnetoresistance in a low-dimensional Heisenberg ferromagnet
application/pdf Copyright by the American Physical Society. This article may be downloaded for personal use only. Any other use requires prior permission of the author and the APS.

24. C. Safeer, N. Ontoso, J. Ingla-Aynes, F. Herling, V. Pham, A. Kurzmann, K. Ensslin, A. Chuvilin, I. Robredo, M. Vergniory, F. de Juan, L. Hueso, M. Calvo and F. Casanova
Nano Letters 19, 8758 (2019)
Large Multidirectional Spin-to-Charge Conversion in Low-Symmetry Semimetal MoTe2 at Room Temperature