Nanomaterials - Publicaciones del año 2016

2. L. Li, L. Zhang and M. Knez
Pharmacological Research 110, 1 (2016)
Comparison of two endogenous delivery agents in cancer therapy: Exosomes and ferritin

3. L. Li, M. Munoz-Culla, U. Carmona, M. Paz Lopez, F. Yang, C. Trigueros, D. Otaegui, L. Zhang and M. Knez
Biomaterials 98, 143 (2016)
Ferritin-mediated siRNA delivery and gene silencing in human tumor and primary cells

4. L. Ruiz-Rubio, I. Azpitarte, N. Garcia-Huete, J. Manuel Laza, J. Luis Vilas and L. Leon
Journal Of Applied Polymer Science 133, 44004 (2016)
Solvent and relative humidity effect on highly ordered polystyrene honeycomb patterns analyzed by Voronoi tesselation