Nanomaterials - Publicaciones del año 2018

1. A. Beloqui, A. Kobitski, G. Nienhaus and G. Delaittre
Chemical Science 9, 1006 (2018)
A simple route to highly active single-enzyme nanogels
PDF -A simple route to highly active single-enzyme nanogels Copyright of the Royal Society of Chemistry

2. S. Velasco-Lozano, M. Knez and F. Lopez-Gallego
Acs Applied Energy Materials 1, 2032 (2018)
Coupling Enzymes and Inorganic Piezoelectric Materials for Electricity Production from Renewable Fuels

3. N. Ghenzi, M. Rozenberg, L. Pietrobon, R. Llopis, R. Gay, M. Beltran, M. Knez, L. Hueso and P. Stoliar
Applied Physics Letters 113, 072108 (2018)
One-transistor one-resistor (1T1R) cell for large-area electronics
PDF -One-transistor one-resistor (1T1R) cell for large-area electronics Copyright by the American Institute of Physics. This article may be downloaded for personal use only

4. A. Rodriguez-Abetxuko, M. Carmen Morant-Minana, F. Lopez-Gallego, L. Yate, A. Seifert, M. Knez and A. Beloqui
Advanced Functional Materials 28, 1803115 (2018)
Imidazole-Grafted Nanogels for the Fabrication of Organic-Inorganic Protein Hybrids

6. C. Coscolin, A. Beloqui, M. Martinez-Martinez, R. Bargiela, G. Santiago, R. Blanco, G. Delaittre, C. Marquez-Alvarez and M. Ferrer
Applied Catalysis A-General 565, 59 (2018)
Controlled manipulation of enzyme specificity through immobilization-induced flexibility constraints

7. J. Morgenstern, G. Alvaradejo, N. Bluthardt, A. Beloqui, G. Delaittre and J. Hubbuch
Biomacromolecules 19, 4250 (2018)
Impact of Polymer Bioconjugation on Protein Stability and Activity Investigated with Discrete Conjugates: Alternatives to PEGylation

8. N. Gil-Gonzalez, C. Chen, T. Akyazi, A. Zuzuarregui, A. Rodriguez, M. Knez, E. Castano, F. Benito-Lopez and M. Carmen Morant-Minana
Advanced Functional Materials 28, 1803127 (2018)
AZO Embedded Interdigitated Electrodes for Monitoring Stimuli Responsive Materials