2024 year publications

7. S. Bayrak and H. Gergeroglu
Food Chemistry 440, 138257 (2024)
Graphene-based biosensors in milk analysis: A review of recent developments

6. K. Bronnikov, S. Gladkikh, E. Mitsai, E. Modin, A. Zhizhchenko, S. Babin, A. Kuchmizhak and A. Dostovalov
Optics And Laser Technology 169, 110049 (2024)
Highly regular nanogratings on amorphous Ge films<i> via</i> laser-induced periodic surface sublimation

5. D. Soukarie, L. Nocete, A. Bittner and I. Santiago
Materials Today Bio 24, 100900 (2024)
DNA data storage in electrospun and melt-electrowritten composite nucleic acid-polymer fibers

4. Z. Chi, S. Lee, H. Yang, E. Dolan, C. Safeer, J. Ingla-Aynés, F. Herling, N. Ontoso, B. Martín-García, M. Gobbi, T. Low, L. Hueso and F. Casanova
Advanced Materials , (2024)
Control of Charge-Spin Interconversion in van der Waals Heterostructures with Chiral Charge Density Waves

3. M. Picchio, M. Orellano, M. Motta, C. Huck-Iriart, D. Sánchez-deAlcázar, R. Lopez-Domene, B. Martín-García, A. Larrañaga, A. Beloqui, D. Mecerreyes and M. Calderón
Advanced Functional Materials , (2024)
Elastomeric Protein Bioactive Eutectogels for Topical Drug Delivery

2. D. Spirito, S. Marras and B. Martín-García
Lattice dynamics in chiral tellurium by linear and circularly polarized Raman spectroscopy: crystal orientation and handedness

1. A. Olejniczak, Z. Lawera, M. Zapata-Herrera, A. Chuvilin, P. Samokhvalov, I. Nabiev, M. Grzelczak, Y. Rakovich and V. Krivenkov
APL Photonics 9, 016107 (2024)
On-demand reversible switching of the emission mode of individual semiconductor quantum emitters using plasmonic metasurfaces