Revista - Materials Today Bio

1. D. Soukarie, L. Nocete, A. Bittner and I. Santiago
Materials Today Bio 24, 100900 (2024)
DNA data storage in electrospun and melt-electrowritten composite nucleic acid-polymer fibers

2. X. Deng, A. Hasan, S. Elsharkawy, E. Tejeda-Montes, V. Tarakina, G. Greco, E. Nikulina, J. Stormonth-Darling, N. Convery, J. Rodriguez-Cabello, A. Boyde, N. Gadegaard, N. Pugno, M. Al-Jawad and A. Mata
Materials Today Bio 11, 100119 (2021)
Topographically guided hierarchical mineralization