Revista - Inorganic Chemistry

1. J. Lanuza, A. Sanchez-Gonzalez, N. Bandeira, X. Lopez and A. Gil
Inorganic Chemistry 60, 11177 (2021)
Mechanistic Insights into Promoted Hydrolysis of Phosphoester Bonds by MoO2C12(DMF)(2)

2. S. Elleuchi, I. Ortiz de Luzuriaga, A. Sanchez-Gonzalez, X. Lopez, K. Jarraya, M. Calhorda and A. Gil
Inorganic Chemistry 59, 12711 (2020)
Computational Studies on the Binding Preferences of Molybdenum(II) Phenanthroline Complexes with Duplex DNA. The Important Role of the Ancillary Ligands

3. F. Belviso, V. Claerbout, A. Comas-Vives, N. Dalal, F. Fan, A. Filippetti, V. Fiorentini, L. Foppa, C. Franchini, B. Geisler, L. Ghiringhelli, A. Gross, S. Hu, J. Iniguez, S. Kauwe, J. Musfeldt, P. Nicolini, R. Pentcheva, T. Polcar, W. Ren, F. Ricci, F. Ricci, H. Sen, J. Skelton, T. Sparks, A. Stroppa, A. Urru, M. Vandichel, P. Vavassori, H. Wu, K. Yang, H. Zhao, D. Puggioni, R. Cortese and A. Cammarata
Inorganic Chemistry 58, 14939 (2019)
Viewpoint: Atomic-Scale Design Protocols toward Energy, Electronic, Catalysis, and Sensing Applications

4. K. Zeth, E. Sancho-Vaello and M. Okuda
Inorganic Chemistry 58, 11351 (2019)
Metal Positions and Translocation Pathways of the Dodecameric Ferritin-like Protein Dps