Revista - Langmuir

1. M. Fenero, M. Knez, I. Saric, M. Petravic, H. Grande and J. Palenzuela
Langmuir 36, 10916 (2020)
Omniphobic Etched Aluminum Surfaces with Anti-Icing Ability

2. S. Shah, A. Khan, A. Espinosa, M. Garcia, W. Nuansing, M. Ungureanu, J. Heddle, A. Chuvilin, C. Wege and A. Bittner
Langmuir 32, 5899 (2016)
Virus-Templated Near-Amorphous Iron Oxide Nanotubes

3. J. Maria Alonso, F. Tatti, A. Chuvilin, K. Mam, T. Ondarcuhu and A. Bittner
Langmuir 29, 14580 (2013)
The Condensation of Water on Adsorbed Viruses

4. A. Khan, E. K. Fox, M. Gorzny, E. Nikulina, D. F. Brougham, C. Wege and A. Bittner
Langmuir 29, 2094 (2013)
pH Control of the Electrostatic Binding of Gold and Iron Oxide Nanoparticles to Tobacco Mosaic Virus

5. F. Casanova, C. Chiang, A. M. Ruminski, M. J. Sailor and I. K. Schuller
Langmuir 28, 6832 (2012)
Controlling the Role of Nanopore Morphology in Capillary Condensation