Nanomagnetism - Revista - Nature Communications

1. V. Uhlir, J.A. Arregi and E. Fullerton
Nature Communications 7, 13113 (2016)
Colossal magnetic phase transition asymmetry in mesoscale FeRh stripes
Open Access

2. N. Maccaferri, K. Gregorczyk, T. De Oliveira, M. Kataja, S. van Dijken, Z. Pirzadeh, A. Dmitriev, J. Akerman, M. Knez and P. Vavassori
Nature Communications 6, 6150 (2015)
Ultrasensitive and label-free molecular-level detection enabled by light phase control in magnetoplasmonic nanoantennas
Open Access

3. J. Stiegler, R. Tena-Zaera, O. Idigoras, A. Chuvilin and R. Hillenbrand
Nature Communications 3, 1131 (2012)
Correlative infrared-electron nanoscopy reveals the local structure-conductivity relationship in zinc oxide nanowires
Open Access