Nanomaterials - Revista - Advanced Functional Materials

1. A. Rodriguez-Abetxuko, P. Munumer, M. Okuda, J. Calvo, M. Knez and A. Beloqui
Advanced Functional Materials 30, 2002990 (2020)
Nanoconfined (Bio)Catalysts as Efficient Glucose-Responsive Nanoreactors
PDF -Nanoconfined (Bio)Catalysts as Efficient Glucose-Responsive Nanoreactors This is the peer reviewed version of the article, which has been published in final form at the journal webpage. This article may be used for non-commercial purposes in accordance with Wiley Terms and Conditions for Self-Archiving

2. N. Gil-Gonzalez, C. Chen, T. Akyazi, A. Zuzuarregui, A. Rodriguez, M. Knez, E. Castano, F. Benito-Lopez and M. Carmen Morant-Minana
Advanced Functional Materials 28, 1803127 (2018)
AZO Embedded Interdigitated Electrodes for Monitoring Stimuli Responsive Materials

3. A. Rodriguez-Abetxuko, M. Carmen Morant-Minana, F. Lopez-Gallego, L. Yate, A. Seifert, M. Knez and A. Beloqui
Advanced Functional Materials 28, 1803115 (2018)
Imidazole-Grafted Nanogels for the Fabrication of Organic-Inorganic Protein Hybrids

4. Y. Qin, R. Vogelgesang, M. Esslinger, W. Sigle, P. van Aken, O. Moutanabbir and M. Knez
Advanced Functional Materials 22, 5157 (2012)
Bottom-Up Tailoring of Plasmonic Nanopeapods Making Use of the Periodical Topography of Carbon Nanocoil Templates