Nanooptics - Publicaciones del año 2011

1. F. Huth, M. Schnell, J. Wittborn, N. Ocelic and R. Hillenbrand
Nature Materials 10, 352 (2011)
Infrared-spectroscopic nanoimaging with a thermal source

2. M. Schnell, P. Alonso-Gonzalez, L. Arzubiaga, F. Casanova, L. Hueso, A. Chuvilin and R. Hillenbrand
Nature Photonics 5, 283 (2011)
Nanofocusing of mid-infrared energy with tapered transmission lines

3. D. Weber, P. Albella, P. Alonso-Gonzalez, F. Neubrech, H. Gui, T. Nagao, R. Hillenbrand, J. Aizpurua and A. Pucci
Optics Express 19, 15047 (2011)
Longitudinal and transverse coupling in infrared gold nanoantenna arrays: long range versus short range interaction regimes
Copyright by the Optical Society. This article may be downloaded for personal use only

4. J. Stiegler, Y. Abate, A. Cvitkovic, Y. E. Romanyuk, A. J. Huber, S. R. Leone and R. Hillenbrand
ACS Nano 5, 6494 (2011)
Nanoscale Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy of Individual Nanoparticles Enabled by Scattering-Type Near-Field Microscopy

5. J. Chen, P. Albella, Z. Pirzadeh, P. Alonso-Gonzalez, F. Huth, S. Bonetti, V. Bonanni, J. Akerman, J. Nogues, P. Vavassori, A. Dmitriev, J. Aizpurua and R. Hillenbrand
Small 7, 2341 (2011)
Plasmonic Nickel Nanoantennas

6. P. Alonso-Gonzalez, M. Schnell, P. Sarriugarte, H. Sobhani, C. Wu, N. Arju, A. Khanikaev, F. Golmar, P. Albella, L. Arzubiaga, F. Casanova, L. Hueso, P. Nordlander, G. Shvets and R. Hillenbrand
Nano Letters 11, 3922 (2011)
Real-Space Mapping of Fano Interference in Plasmonic Metamolecules

7. D. Melnikau, D. Savateeva, A. Chuvilin, R. Hillenbrand and Y. P. Rakovich
Optics Express 19, 22280 (2011)
Whispering gallery mode resonators with J-aggregates
Copyright by the Optical Society. This article may be downloaded for personal use only

8. A. Govyadinov, G. Y. Panasyuk, J. C. Schotland and V. A. Markel
Physical Review B 84, 155461 (2011)
Theoretical and numerical investigation of the size-dependent optical effects in metal nanoparticles
Copyright by the American Physical Society. This article may be downloaded for personal use only. Any other use requires prior permission of the author and the APS.

9. V. Bonanni, S. Bonetti, T. Pakizeh, Z. Pirzadeh, J. Chen, J. Nogues, P. Vavassori, R. Hillenbrand, J. Akerman and A. Dmitriev
Nano Letters 11, 5333 (2011)
Designer Magnetoplasmonics with Nickel Nanoferromagnets