Nanooptics - Publicaciones del año 2012

1. P. Carney, B. Deutsch, A. Govyadinov and R. Hillenbrand
ACS Nano 6, 8 (2012)
Phase in Nanooptics

2. R. Krutokhvostov, A. Govyadinov, J. Stiegler, F. Huth, A. Chuvilin, P. Carney and R. Hillenbrand
Optics Express 20, 593 (2012)
Enhanced resolution in subsurface near-field optical microscopy
Copyright by the Optical Society. This article may be downloaded for personal use only

3. P. Alonso-Gonzalez, P. Albella, M. Schnell, J. Chen, F. Huth, A. Garcia-Etxarri, F. Casanova, F. Golmar, L. Arzubiaga, L. Hueso, J. Aizpurua and R. Hillenbrand
Nature Communications 3, 684 (2012)
Resolving the electromagnetic mechanism of surface-enhanced light scattering at single hot spots
Open Access

4. J. Chen, M. Badioli, P. Alonso-Gonzalez, S. Thongrattanasiri, F. Huth, J. Osmond, M. Spasenovic, A. Centeno, A. Pesquera, P. Godignon, A. Zurutuza, N. Camara, F. J. Garcia de Abajo, R. Hillenbrand and F. H. L. Koppens
Nature 487, 77 (2012)
Optical nano-imaging of gate-tunable graphene plasmons

5. P. Sarriugarte, M. Schnell, P. Alonso-Gonzalez, L. Arzubiaga, F. Golmar, F. Casanova, L. Hueso and R. Hillenbrand
Propagation and nanofocusing of infrared surface plasmons on tapered transmission lines: Influence of the substrate

6. F. Huth, A. Govyadinov, S. Amarie, W. Nuansing, F. Keilmann and R. Hilenbrand
Nano Letters 12, 3973 (2012)
Nano-FTIR Absorption Spectroscopy of Molecular Fingerprints at 20 nm Spatial Resolution

7. J. Stiegler, R. Tena-Zaera, O. Idigoras, A. Chuvilin and R. Hillenbrand
Nature Communications 3, 1131 (2012)
Correlative infrared-electron nanoscopy reveals the local structure-conductivity relationship in zinc oxide nanowires
Open Access