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2013 Publications

1. D. Melnikau, D. Savateeva, V. Lesnyak, N. Gaponik, Y. Nunez-Fernandez, M. I. Vasilevskiy, M. F. Costa, K. E. Mochalov, V. Oleinikov and Y. P. Rakovich
Nanoscale 5, 9317 (2013)
Resonance energy transfer in self-organized organic/inorganic dendrite structures

2. S. E. Grefe, D. Leiva, S. Mastel, S. D. Dhuey, S. Cabrini, P. J. Schuck and Y. Abate
Near-field spatial mapping of strongly interacting multiple plasmonic infrared antennas

3. P. Alonso-Gonzalez, P. Albella, F. Golmar, L. Arzubiaga, F. Casanova, L. Hueso, J. Aizpurua and R. Hillenbrand
Optics Express 21, 1270 (2013)
Visualizing the near-field coupling and interference of bonding and anti-bonding modes in infrared dimer nanoantennas
application/pdf Copyright by the Optical Society. This article may be downloaded for personal use only

4. I. Amenabar, F. Lopez and A. Mendikute
Journal of Infrared Millimeter and Terahertz Waves 34, 152 (2013)
In Introductory Review to THz Non-Destructive Testing of Composite Mater

5. A. Khan, E. K. Fox, M. Gorzny, E. Nikulina, D. F. Brougham, C. Wege and A. Bittner
Langmuir 29, 2094 (2013)
pH Control of the Electrostatic Binding of Gold and Iron Oxide Nanoparticles to Tobacco Mosaic Virus

6. M. L. Nesterov, J. Bravo-Abad, A. Nikitin, F. J. Garcia-Vidal and L. Martin-Moreno
Graphene supports the propagation of subwavelength optical solitons

7. F. Huth, A. Chuvilin, M. Schnell, I. Amenabar, R. Krutohvostovs, S. Lopatin and R. Hillenbrand
Nano Letters 13, 1065 (2013)
Resonant Antenna Probes for Tip-Enhanced Infrared Near-Field Microscopy

8. D. Melnikau, D. Savateeva, A. Susha, A.L. Rogach and Y.P. Rakovich
Nanoscale Research Letters 8, 134 (2013)
Strong plasmon-exciton coupling in a hybrid system of gold nanostars and J-aggregates
application/pdf Copyright by Springer. This article may be downloaded for personal use only

9. A. Govyadinov, I. Amenabar, F. Huth, P. Carney and R. Hillenbrand
Quantitative Measurement of Local Infrared Absorption and Dielectric Function with Tip-Enhanced Near-Field Microscopy

10. P. Alonso-Gonzalez, P. Albella, F. Neubrech, C. Huck, J. Chen, F. Golmar, F. Casanova, L. Hueso, A. Pucci, J. Aizpurua and R. Hillenbrand
Physical Review Letters 110, 203902 (2013)
Experimental Verification of the Spectral Shift between Near- and Far-Field Peak Intensities of Plasmonic Infrared Nanoantennas
application/pdf Copyright by the American Physical Society. This article may be downloaded for personal use only

11. S. Ungureanu, B. Kolaric, J. Chen, R. Hillenbrand and R.A.L. Vallée
Nanophotonics 2, 173 (2013)
Far-field disentanglement of modes in hybrid plasmonic-photonic crystals by fluorescence nano-reporters
application/pdf Open Access

12. D. Melnikau, D. Savateeva, Y. K. Gun'ko and Y. P. Rakovich
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 117, 13708 (2013)
Strong Enhancement of Circular Dichroism in a Hybrid Material Consisting of J-Aggregates and Silver Nanoparticles

13. E. Nikulina, O. Idigoras, J. Porro, P. Vavassori, A. Chuvilin and A. Berger
Applied Physics Letters 103, 123112 (2013)
Origin and control of magnetic exchange coupling in between focused electron beam deposited cobalt nanostructures
application/pdf Copyright by the American Institute of Physics. This article may be downloaded for personal use only

14. S. C. Jiang, X. Xiong, P. Sarriugarte, S. W. Jiang, X. B. Yin, Y. Wang, R. W. Peng, D. Wu, R. Hillenbrand, X. Zhang and M. Wang
Physical Review B 88, 161104 (2013)
Tuning the polarization state of light via time retardation with a microstructured surface
application/pdf Copyright by the American Physical Society. This article may be downloaded for personal use only. Any other use requires prior permission of the author and the APS.

15. T. M. Slipchenko, M. L. Nesterov, L. Martin-Moreno and A. Nikitin
Journal of Optics 15, 114008 (2013)
Analytical solution for the diffraction of an electromagnetic wave by a graphene grating

16. A. Nikitin, S. A. Maier and L. Martin-Moreno
Journal of Optics 15, 110201 (2013)
Special issue on graphene nanophotonics

17. M. Tymchenko, A. Nikitin and L. Martin-Moreno
ACS Nano 7, 9780 (2013)
Faraday Rotation Due to Excitation of Magnetoplasmons in Graphene Microribbons

18. Z. Fei, S. Rodin, W. Gannett, S. Dai, W. Regan, M. Wagner, M. K. Liu, A. S. McLeod, G. Dominguez, M. Thiemens, A. H. Castro Neto, F. Keilmann, A. Zettl, R. Hillenbrand, M. M. Fogler and D. N. Basov
Nature Nanotechnology 8, 821 (2013)
Electronic and plasmonic phenomena at graphene grain boundaries

19. J. Chen, M. Nesterov, A. Nikitin, S. Thongrattanasiri, P. Alonso-Gonzalez, T. Slipchenko, F. Speck, M. Ostler, T. Seyller, I. Crassee, F. H. L. Koppens, L. Martin-Moreno, J. Garcia de Abajo, A. Kuzmenko and R. Hillenbrand
Nano Letters 13, 6210 (2013)
Strong Plasmon Reflection at Nanometer-Size Gaps in Monolayer Graphene on SiC

20. I. Amenabar, S. Poly, W. Nuansing, E. H. Hubrich, A. Govyadinov, F. Huth, R. Krutohvostovs, L. Zhang, M. Knez, J. Heberle, A. Bittner and R. Hillenbrand
Nature Communications 4, 2890 (2013)
Structural analysis and mapping of individual protein complexes by infrared nanospectroscopy
application/pdf Open Access

21. W. Nuansing, D. Frauchiger, F. Huth, A. Rebollo, R. Hillenbrand and A. Bittner
Faraday Discussions 166, 209 (2013)
Electrospinning of peptide and protein fibres: approaching the molecular scale