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2018 Publications

1. A. Nikitin
Nature Photonics 12, 3 (2018)
Telecom meets terahertz

2. C. Liewald, S. Mastel, J. Hesler, A. Huber, R. Hillenbrand and F. Keilmann
Optica 5, 159 (2018)
All-electronic terahertz nanoscopy

3. P. Li, I. Dolado, F. Javier Alfaro-Mozaz, F. Casanova, L. Hueso, S. Liu, J. Edgar, A. Nikitin, S. Velez and R. Hillenbrand
Science 359, 892 (2018)
Infrared hyperbolic metasurface based on nanostructured van der Waals materials
application/pdf This is the author's version of the paper after peer review

4. M. Etxeberria-Benavides, O. David, T. Johnson, M.M. Lozinska, A. Orsi, P.A. Wright, S. Mastel, R. Hillenbrand, F. Kapteijn and J. Gascon
Journal Of Membrane Science 550, 198 (2018)
High Performance Mixed Matrix Membranes (MMMs) Composed of ZIF-94 Filler and 6FDA-DAM Polymer

5. S. Chen, Y. Zhang, T. Shih, W. Yang, S. Hu, X. Hu, J. Li, B. Ren, B. Mao, Z. Yang and Z. Tian
Nano Letters 18, 2209 (2018)
Plasmon-Induced Magnetic Resonance Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy

6. M. Autore, I. Dolado, F.J. Alfaro-Mozaz, R. Esteban, A. Atxabal, F. Casanova, L. Hueso, P. Alonso-Gonzalez, J. Aizpurua, A. Nikitin, S. Velez and R. Hillenbrand
Light-Science & Applications 7, 17172 (2018)
Boron nitride nanoresonators for phonon-enhanced molecular vibrational spectroscopy at the strong coupling limit
application/pdf Open Access

7. A. Konecna, T. Neuman, J. Aizpurua and R. Hillenbrand
ACS Nano 12, 4775 (2018)
Surface-Enhanced Molecular Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy

8. M. Giordano, S. Mastel, C. Liewald, L. Columbo, M. Brambilla, L. Viti, A. Politano, K. Zhang, L. Li, A. Davies, E. Linfield, R. Hillenbrand, F. Keilmann, G. Scamarcio and M. Vitiello
Optics Express 26, 18423 (2018)
Phase-resolved terahertz self-detection near-field microscopy
application/pdf Copyright by the Optical Society. This article may be downloaded for personal use only

9. A. Alonso-Caballero, J. Schonfelder, S. Poly, F. Corsetti, D. De Sancho, E. Artacho and R. Perez-Jimenez
Nature Communications 9, 2758 (2018)
Mechanical architecture and folding of E. coli type 1 pilus domains
application/pdf Open Access

10. P. Kusch, N. Morquillas Azpiazu, N. Mueller, S. Mastel, J.I. Pascual and R. Hillenbrand
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 122, 16274 (2018)
Combined Tip-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy and Scattering-Type Scanning Near-Field Optical Microscopy

11. S. Mastel, A. Goyyadinov, C. Maisseni, A. Chuvilin, A. Berger and R. Hillenbrand
ACS Photonics 5, 3372 (2018)
Understanding the Image Contrast of Material Boundaries in IR Nanoscopy Reaching 5 nm Spatial Resolution

12. D. Melnikau, T. Hendel, P. Linkov, P. Samokhvalov, I. Nabiev and Y. Rakovich
Zeitschrift Fur Physikalische Chemie-International Journal Of Research In Physical Chemistry & Chemical Physics 232, 1513 (2018)
Energy Transfer Between Single Semiconductor Quantum Dots and Organic Dye Molecules

13. J. Keller, J. Haase, F. Appugliese, S. Rajabali, Z. Wang, G. Paravicini-Bagliani, C. Maissen, G. Scalari and J. Faist
Advanced Optical Materials 6, 1800210 (2018)
Superradiantly Limited Linewidth in Complementary THz Metamaterials on Si-Membranes

14. M. Schnell, P. Carney and R. Hillenbrand
Optics Express 26, 26688 (2018)
Transient vibration imaging with time-resolved synthetic holographic confocal microscopy
application/pdf Copyright by the Optical Society. This article may be downloaded for personal use only

15. W. Ma, P. Alonso-Gonzalez, S. Li, A. Nikitin, J. Yuan, J. Martin-Sanchez, J. Taboada-Gutierrez, I. Amenabar, P. Li, S. Velez, C. Tollan, Z. Dai, Y. Zhang, S. Sriram, K. Kalantar-Zadeh, S. Lee, R. Hillenbrand and Q. Bao
Nature 562, 557 (2018)
In-plane anisotropic and ultra-low-loss polaritons in a natural van der Waals crystal

16. P. Schmidt, F. Vialla, S. Latini, M. Massicotte, K. Tielrooij, S. Mastel, G. Navickaite, M. Danovich, D. Ruiz-Tijerina, C. Yelgel, V. Fal'ko, K. Thygesen, R. Hillenbrand and F. Koppens
Nature Nanotechnology 13, 1035 (2018)
Nano-imaging of intersubband transitions in van der Waals quantum wells

17. M. Lewin, L. Mester, T. Saltzmann, S. Chong, M. Kaminski, B. Hauer, M. Pohlmann, A. Mio, M. Wirtssohn, P. Jost, M. Wuttig, U. Simon and T. Taubner
ACS Applied Nano Materials 1, 6834 (2018)
Sb2Te3 Growth Study Reveals That Formation of Nanoscale Charge Carrier Domains Is an Intrinsic Feature Relevant for Electronic Application

18. A. Konecna, K. Venkatraman, K. March, P. Crozier, R. Hillenbrand, P. Rez and J. Aizpurua
Physical Review B 98, 205409 (2018)
Vibrational electron energy loss spectroscopy in truncated dielectric slabs