Structure and Governance

NanoGUNE is a non-profit making Association promoted by the Basque Government in 2006. A Governing Board, currently composed by all partners, is the final responsible for the overall management of the center.

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International advisory commitee

An International Advisory Committee, composed of internationally renowned researchers and professionals, advises on the orientation that should be given to nanoGUNE.

  • Prof. John Pethica
  • Prof. Anne Dell
  • Prof. Emilio Mendez
  • Dr. José Maiz
  • Prof. Sir John B. Pendry (Chairman)
  • Prof. Jean Marie Lehn
  • Prof. Marileen Dogterom

Strategy & policies

NanoGUNE's strategy is focused on addressing excellent research and technology-transfer in nanoscience and nanotechnology, fostering high-standard training and education of researchers in this field, and promoting the cooperation among various agents in the Basque Science, Technology, and Innovation Network and between these agents and industry.

Organization chart


The global management and organization of nanoGUNE are described in the organization chart.

Funding Agencies

Since its foundation in 2006, nanoGUNE has obtained an important amount of competitive funding from the local Governments, Industry, and the European Union.