Research Lines

The Nanomaterials group is led by Dr. Mato Knez. The activity of the Nanomaterials group is focused on the synthesis and functionalization of materials. Its research programme has been divided into thin-film coating, hybrid inorganic-organic materials, and bio-organic nanomaterials.

Nanomaterials Equipment

Experimental work in the Nanomaterials group is performed by means of equipment specially dedicated to our research lines. The group has also access to nanoGUNE's common facilities and equipment, including a cleanroom of nearly 300 m2 and the Electron-Microscopy Laboratory.

Nanomaterials news

  • Developing nanomaterials to conserve cultural heritage

    Aranzazu Sierra-Fernández, PhD in Materials Science and Engineering, has received the Junior Leader postdoctoral fellowship from the "la Caixa" Foundation to pursue a line of research in the Nanomaterials group of CIC nanoGUNE focusing on the study of new methodologies to conserve cultural heritage. The project…Read more

Research Team