Industry collaborative research positions (ICRP)

CIC nanoGUNE aims to act as an ally to a broad range of local companies by being a resource for science, technology, and talent, and enabling the use of nanotechnology and innovative solutions. With this objective in mind, we offer a collaboration to incorporate early-stage and junior researchers to their teams.

Our research lines find applications in sectors as diverse as Health, Energy, Additive Manufacturing, Circular Economy, Automotive Industry, Food, and Quantum Technologies, and contribute to increase the opportunities of local companies to stand out.

We are committed to explore opportunities for collaboration with industries and businesses of all sizes, which develop/use nanotechnology or would like to explore this avenue. If this is your case, do not hesitate to contact us!

Which is the purpose?

The purpose of the ICRP program is to facilitate the incorporation of research professionals to local companies, enriching the working teams and making possible to find new approaches to the technological and innovation challenges faced in their production processes. 

Who this call is addressed to?

Basque industrial or technology-based companies or technology centers of all sizes and sectors that would be interested in incorporating to their working teams personnel with a scientific/research profile or that would like to explore the advantages of incorporating this profiles to their staff.

What profiles can we provide?

Depending on the objectives of your company and the challenges you would like to address with this new incorporation, we will be able to define whether the most suitable profile could be (i) a master's degree holder or (ii) a post-doc (PhD holder) who can carry out a collaborative research project between nanoGUNE and your company.

What we offer?

  • Advice to explore the company's challenges and identify the profile that best fits its needs.
  • Partnership in the definition of the individual project for the new incorporation.
  • Joint funding: nanoGUNE will hire the selected candidate at a first stage (1 year at a post-doctoral level), provided that the company commits to hire the candidate immediately thereafter.


Ainara Garcia 
TechTransfer Director


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