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Scattering-type near-field microscope (NeaSpec)

Scattering-type near-field microscope (NeaSpec)

What we can offer:

Nanoscale non-destructive chemical and structural characterization based on infrared spectroscopy (nano-FTIR) and microscopy (s-SNOM).


  • Nanoscale polymer identification and analysis (polymer multilayers, blends, nanofibers, bio-polymers, rubbers, conducting polymers).

  • Identification and analysis of biomaterials (proteins, phosphates, DNA, carbohydrates, acids, etc.) in biological samples (human bone and teeth, cells, bacteria, viruses, phages, spores, fibers, membranes, etc.).

  • Identification and mapping of active ingredients in drugs.

  • Analysis of cosmetic products (i.e. cosmetics in human hair).

  • Phase identification in inorganic and organic materials: material stress (i.e. SiC, Si), insulator-to-metal transitions (i.e. VO2), polymer crystallinity, mapping of minerals, organic crystals, etc.

Interesting for (with the system):

Polymer and rubber industry, life sciences, pharmaceutics, cosmetics, agriculture, material science, electronics, Geology, Semiconductor industry…

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