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30 students joined the nanoGUNE Winter School 2020

30 students joined the nanoGUNE Winter School 2020


The winter school was held in San Sebastian from 12 to 14 February.


The nanoGUNE Winter School 2020 gathered together a group of 30 national and international undergraduate and master students in physics, chemistry, biology and engineering. Around 150 candidates applied to attend the school, and the selected students- coming from Spain, Germany, Turkey, UK, Italy and other countries- were invited to join the school with all costs covered by nanoGUNE.

During 3 days, the students had the chance to attend academic lectures, transversal skill training sessions, and hands-on laboratory practices. Most of the students participating in the school were highly motivated undergraduate and graduate students who are considering the possibility of continuing their education with a doctorate in a field such as physics, chemistry, biology or engineering. The idea behind this experience is to introduce them to the life in real research laboratory, helping them to take a decision about their future.

Another important part of the school, is to facilitate them the contact with the researches in nanoGUNE´s research groups. With the purpose, special events like a poster session and a dinner in a cider house were also organized.

NanoGUNE plants to organize a new edition of the Winter School in 2011, and the call will open around October 2020.

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