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CIC nanoGUNE wins the María de Maeztu award for scientific excellence


The Spanish Agency for Research has conferred the 'Severo Ochoa' and 'María de Maeztu' awards to centers and research units that stand out as a result of the impact and international importance of their results.

In the latest call, six María de Maeztu recognitions have been made across Spain, and nanoGUNE has received one of them. Seven 'Severo Ochoa' awards have also been given. The new 'María de Maeztu' recognitions include funding to the tune of 500,000 euros a year over a four-year period.

This new call means that there are now 25 ‘Severo Ochoa’ centres and 16 ‘María de Maeztu’ units. The requisites, levels of requirement, criteria and assessment and selection procedures relating to scientific excellence do not differentiate between one award and the other, which have been granted as a result of the scientific results and strategic programmes of the centres and units following a rigorous assessment process in which over 100 world-renowned scientists have participated. So the quality and level of excellence of the research they do are guaranteed, with the differences between one and another being drawn only on the basis of governance, structure and organisational and management principles, in addition to a minimal critical mass that the centres and units have to comply with.

The call has a dual aim. Firstly, to acknowledge and recognise the best centres and units that stand out as a result of the impact and international importance of the results achieved over the previous four years. Secondly, to fund the strategic plans and programmes drawn up by the centres and units for a period of four years to enable them to consolidate their scientific capabilities and contribute towards their international leadership.

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