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First steps to work on the issue of gender equality

First steps to work on the issue of gender equality


Equality is a cross-cutting issue that must be worked out from many different fields and should be addressed from different perspectives. NanoGUNE has made the first steps to work consciously and systematically on the issue of gender equality, developing a diagnosis of the situation in a report and also is working on the development of the first Gender-Equality Plan.


In this gender report, we summarize some relevant data from the period 2019 showing the results of the analysis of the gender distribution in nanoGUNE, and we highlight some of the actions we are taking. For example, an inclusive communication guide has been elaborated. At nanoGUNE, we will ensure equal and inclusive communication, specially taking into account our commitment towards society and the impact we may have as a nanoscience research center of reference in the Basque Country and Europe.

This study is been performed in the framework of the Gender Equality Plan and it will be followed by other outcomes. It has been elaborated by the Gender Equality Committee and the Driving Team in charge of the implementation of the 2019-2022 Gender Equality Plan.