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Sample Fabrication Platform

Sample-fabrication platform

The sample fabrication platform can encompass and give solutions to a wide variety of research and industrial activities. NanoGUNE  is equipped with state of art techniques for high quality thin film growth and for micro and nanoscale structure fabrication. Most of the services offered in this platform are carried out in our 300 m2 cleanroom, which is divided in four different areas classified from class 100 to class 10.000, assuring the environmental conditions for high quaility fabrication. This platform is divided in three different service units, thin film growth, micro/nano fabrication and sample preparation.


Thin-film growth services

sputter deposition

Our facilities give the possibility to grow films or coatings of a wide variety of materials, such as metals, semiconductors, and dielectrics in different types of substrates with precise thicknesses, starting from a few atomic layers to micron-size thicknesses. The thin films can be deposited in substrates of up to 4 inch diameter.

Micro/Nano fabrication services

Focused ion beam

We offer the possibility to make different shape structures in the nano and microscale on different types of substrates, semiconductors and insulators. The smallest resolution achievable is around 20 nm by electron-beam lithography technique, while using the focused ion beam milling we are able to pattern features with sizes down to 10 nm. Moreover, our FIB/SEM dual beam system gives the possibility to deposit nanostructures of a wide variety of materials by focused ion/electron beam induced deposition.

Sample-processing services


To perform several treatments to the specimen, such as wet etching, physical milling, plasma cleaning, annealing at high temperatures, as well as high quality microscopy sample preparation by means of mechanical polishing, physical milling, and others.

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