Spin orbitronics is an expanding field in Condensed Matter Physics that aims to utilize different phenomena in magnetism and spintronics caused by the spin-orbit coupling. One of the most studied phenomena is the interconversion between spin currents and charge currents in novel materials and interfaces, which has a strong potential to be harnessed for energy-efficient logic and memory tasks for processing of information. In this project, we aim to explore the spin Hall effect in heavy metals, the Edelstein effect at Rashba interfaces or the spin-momentum locking at topological insulators to help implementing the recent proposal by Intel of a magneto-electric spin-orbit logic. An example can be seen in our recently joint paper: V. T. Pham et al., Nature Electron. 3, 309 (2020) [free pre-print here], Phys. Rev. B 104, 184410 (2021) and Nano Lett. 20, 9, 6815 (2020).
In this project, the Master student will be responsible for the design and the fabrication of nanodevices (thin film deposition, electron beam lithography, etching). (S)he will be also involved in the magneto-transport measurements (high magnetic fields and low temperatures), data analysis, and drafting of results.
We offer an international and competitive environment, state-of-the-art equipment (including a class 100 cleanroom for nanofabrication capabilities), and the possibility of performing research at the highest level.

Description of the research group:
The Nanodevices Group in CIC nanoGUNE is mostly interested in the electronic properties of systems in reduced dimensions. Our research program is currently articulated around different themes of research related to spintronics, multifunctional devices and advanced nanofabrication. For more information, see our website at

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