CRYO Plasma FIB Workshop

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We are very pleased to invite you to the
CRYO Plasma FIB Workshop
that will take place on 5 March 2024 at nanoGUNE. 

CRYO Plasma FIB instrument is a new exciting tool, one of a few in Europe, recently installed at nanoGUNE to provide high-end electron-microscopy and FIB nanofabrication support to research institutions and industry in the Basque Country and worldwide. This new equipment, funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities, is becoming a part of the Basque Electron Microscopy infrastructure and will strengthen its capabilities.

In this one-day workshop we will introduce the new agreement reached by BRTA members to reinforce the Basque Electron Microscopy infrastructure, and highlight the opportunities given by the new CRYO Plasma FIB tool. 

Further, we will focus on the unique tools and teams of specialists that the Cooperative Research Centers bioGUNE, biomaGUNE, energiGUNE and nanoGUNE, members of BRTA, have available to the scientific and industrial communities.

And, last but not least, we will cover the main aspects of the cutting-edge CRYO Plasma FIB instrument and its combination of features: 

  • Extensive set of detectors for materials science applications.
  • Xe plasma ion source for high-speed milling targeting for the batteries sector and industry.
  • TOF SIMS for isotope resolved elemental analysis.
  • Cryogenic setup dedicated to biological and Li-battery applications. 

Program overview

10:00 Presentation of the CRYO Plasma FIB and the Electron Microscopy agreement
11:15 Overview of the Basque EM Infrastructure: Together we go further! 
14:30 Cryo characterization workflows for biological samples and batteries

* Lab tours will be organized in small groups during coffee-break and lunch time. 

See the detailed program here.