• Companies in Donostia-San Sebastian will be able to test proofs of concept with CIC nanoGUNE thanks to Fomento San Sebastian technology vouchers

    A collaboration agreement between Fomento San Sebastian and CIC nanoGUNE is enabling grants or technology vouchers to be made available to companies so that they can use nanoGUNE’s advanced services. These grants are for funding the testing of proofs of concept of innovative ideas that offer the potential to contribute significant added value towards the products and processes of the companies in our milieu.

  • Emakumeak Zientzian wins the 1st STEAM Euskadi Prize and the Special Mention Award for gender perspective

    Emakumeak Zientzian [Women in Science] has received the first STEAM Euskadi Prize and the Special Mention Award for Gender Perspective in the category of Most Innovative Initiative in STEAM Education promoted by other organizations. The STEAM Euskadi awards are given by the Basque Government´s Department of Education and the ceremony took place this morning in Bilbao. The project was selected among 137 applications submitted to the call for proposals.

  • The 10th edition of Elhuyar Zientzia Azoka will showcase 200 projects developed by young people during the academic year

    The 10th edition of Elhuyar Zientzia Azoka, which once again this year has the collaboration of nanoGUNE, is already underway. From today until Sunday, 200 STEAM projects that students have developed during the course, as well as workshops, experiments and science shows will be at the Arenal in Bilbao. A total of 500 boys and girls will participate in this edition.


  • CIC nanoGUNE opens a new call for Master students

    CIC nanoGUNE has launched the 2022 Master Scholarships Call to provide master students in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Materials Science, and Nanoscience the opportunity to develop their Master Thesis in the areas of Optics at the Nanoscale, Nanobioengineering, Electronic Phenomena and Magnetism, Nanoscale Materials.

  • CIC nanoGUNE expands its patent portfolio

    The granting of three patents plus an additional three new patent applications considerably enrich CIC nanoGUNE's industrial property portfolio. The center currently has 25 patent applications in the fields of health, optics, materials science and electronics, all at the nanoscale, of course. In addition, 17 patents have been licensed to companies for commercial exploitation purposes.

  • CIC nanoGUNE organizes Nano-Story Contest for the first time

    CIC nanoGUNE is organizing this novel Nano-Story Contest within the framework of the 7th edition of the Festival of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology “10alamenos9”. The contest is aiming to promote across the education community an interest in the nanoscale world, the so-called nano world, which despite its minute size is highly diverse and interesting.

  • CardioPrint, new biofabrication processes for heart implants

    CIC nanoGUNE has recently become one of the organizations that drive the Spanish project CardioPrint, to advance the field of biofabrication by developing a novel device capable of generating bioartificial human tissues with unprecedented precision. Our aims are, in short, to design, produce and test new biofabrication processes for heart implants.


    On April 25, the Electron Microscopy group organized a seminar to present to the Basque community the opportunities that will be derived from the new (Cryo-)FIB equipment that will be installed in nanoGUNE.

  • Oksana Yurkevich, first place winner in SPIE Smart Structures + Nondestructive Evaluation 2022

    Oksana Yurkevich got the first place for her outstanding presentation on Self-healing coatings obtained by vapor phase infiltration at SPIE Smart Structures + Nondestructive Evaluation 2022 Bioinspiration, Biomimetics, and Bioreplication XII on 4-10 April 2022. 

  • Nanotechnology at the service of advanced manufacturing

    NanoGUNE has a team specialized in cutting-edge technology for the characterization of materials and components able to zoom-in from the surface to the nanoscale. These tools and the analyses they enable are of great interest to the advanced manufacturing sector, which can benefit from them to improve products and production processes. 



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