Nanoengineering - 2023 year publications

5. E. Lopez, J. Etxebarria-Elezgarai, J. Amigo and A. Seifert
Analytica Chimica Acta 1275, 341532 (2023)
The importance of choosing a proper validation strategy in predictive models. A tutorial with real examples

4. K. Ashurbekova, E. Modin, H. Hano, K. Ashurbekova, I. Jankovic, R. Peter, M. Petravic, A. Chuvilin, A. Abdulagatov and M. Knez
Chemistry of Materials 35, 8092 (2023)
<i>In Situ</i> Investigation of Thermally Induced Surface Graphenization of Polymer-Derived Ceramic (PDC) Coatings from Molecular Layer (MLD) Deposited Silicon-Based Preceramic Thin Films

3. S. Mezzasalma, J. Kruse, S. Merkens, E. Lopez, A. Seifert, R. Morandotti and M. Grzelczak
Advanced Materials 35, (2023)
Light-Driven Self-Oscillation of Thermoplasmonic Nanocolloids

2. A. Benito-Kaesbach, J. Amigo, U. Izagirre, N. Garcia-Velasco, L. Arevalo, A. Seifert and K. Castro
Science Of The Total Environment 876, 162810 (2023)
Misinterpretation in microplastic detection in biological tissues: When 2D imaging is not enough

1. M. Charconnet, M. Korsa, S. Petersen, J. Plou, C. Hanske, J. Adam and A. Seifert
Small Methods 7, (2023)
Generalization of Self-Assembly Toward Differently Shaped Colloidal Nanoparticles for Plasmonic Superlattices