Projects at a Glance

  • Functional Nano-Scaffolds for Regenerative Medicine PhD programme

    The mission of NanoReMedi is to define a joint doctorate educational training model in Functional Nano-Scaffolds for Regenerative Medicine where Academia and Industry join their forces to create a highly innovative research network for training a new generation of researchers who will enter the area of nanoscience from adjacent disciplines (such as chemistry, material sciences and bioinformatics) establish a solid framework for long-term research cooperation between a pool of leading Universities and Enterprises build a solid foundation for long-term European excellence in medical nanotechnology. 

  • MULTISPIN - Molecular engineering of layered magnetic materials: towards multifunctional spintronic devices 

    MULTISPIN proposes to take advantage of the chemical programmability of (macro)molecules to engineer the physical and chemical properties of layered magnetic materials (LMMs), enabling the precise tuning of their magnetic properties and the demonstration of opto-spintronic devices with new functionalities.