Rules for the use of the kitchen

1. The tables and kitchen worktop must be always kept clean and tidy, free of tableware, tuppers and food.

2. Plate drainers are available for tableware but not for tuppers, which should be taken home.

3. The use of covers in the microwaves is compulsory.

4. The kitchen cabinets could be used to store personal tableware as well as food products, only if this is inside a box and remains properly labeled with the owner´s name on it.

5. It is forbidden to take nanoGUNE cutlery out of the kitchen.

6. Every labor-Monday morning the fridges will be emptied and cleaned, the worktop cleared and the drawers reviewed.

7. The cleaning service is authorized to remove and through to the bin any item from the fridges, worktop and cabinets not complying with these rules.

8. NanoGUNE will assure a basic cleaning kit including soap and drying paper.

9. These rules aim to promote a responsible use of the kitchen, based on the respect to the users and their right to find an agreeable, clean and tidy common space