Request your visit

NanoGUNE runs a visits program where high-school and university students come to the center in order to have a closer look at scientific research, particularly at nanoscience. Visits typically include a lecture about nanotechnology and its challenges, an open discussion with researchers, and a guided tour to the laboratories.

We will give preference to 4th yearSecondary-School (4 ESO) and High-School groups.

Due to the limited space on the labs, we strongly recommend to form small groups of a maximum of 12 students. Exceptionally, we will accept to double this number (24 students) splitting the group in two when visiting the laboratories. Larger groups can also be accepted but will not have priority, and the visits to the labs could be replaced by a video.

Due to the security measures introduced to address the Covid-19 pandemic, we regret to announce that we will not be conducting school visits during the 2020-2021 school year.