Circular Economy

Circular economy-related research and development lines.

Circular economy in packaging and textiles

by the Self-Assembly and Nanomaterials groups

Coating methods to provide a range of functionalities to materials for packaging and textile industry. We develop solutions to Improve the properties of non-plastic packaging and recycled or sustanaible textiles; in particular we optimize the mechanical properties or provide antimicrobial properties to the surface.

Microplastics monitorization

by the Nanoengineering group

By machine learning-assisted multispectroscopic approaches, we are developing technology for the detection, classification, and quantification of nano/microplastics. The topic is of great relevance for drinking water, food, and environmental issues in general. Moreover, this topic has strong impact on future political and economic strategies and particularly on global health.

We built up spectroscopic instrumentation, large data bases of typical plastics in the environment, and software packages for data analysis. We are looking for strategic investors or corporate venture capital firms that are ready to invest, direct and guide by consultancy future R&D activities. Further, we are interested in collaborations with food industry to address specific needs.