Energy-related research and development lines.

Ageing of supercapacitors

by the Self-Assembly group

We disassemble electrodes and other parts of commercial capacitors, and analyze them for very slow (electro)chemical and structural modifications with a broad range of mainly surface science methods.

Lithium sulfur batteries

by the Nanomaterials group

Coating of nanoparticles using fluidized bed reactors. We have a setup to perform functional coatings on particles while they float in a gas bed. This setup has been used to improve the stability and at the same time increase the sulfur loading of cathodes in Li-S batteries. The project was performed in collaboration with CIDETEC.

Hybrid thermoelectric materials

by the Nanomaterials group

We are developing materials for a use in flexible thermoelectric devices. This project is funded through the Marie Sklodowska-Curie funding scheme and we collaborate with the Leibniz-Institute IFW in Dresden, Germany.