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ALD Beneq TFS 200


The Beneq TFS 200 Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) system is designed for advanced thin film research purposes, with both thermal ALD capability, and plasma option for Plasma-Enhanced ALD (PEALD), in-situ etching, substrate pre-treatment and substrate post-treatment. Substrate alternatives include wafers and other planar substrates, complex 3D substrates as well as powders and other porous substrates.

  • Water cooled cold-wall vacuum chamber
  • Hot-wall reaction chamber inside the vacuum chamber
  • Process temperature up to 500ºC
  • Top or side substrate loading
  • Up to 200 mm wafers
  • Two liquid precursor lines
  • Two hot precursor sources (up to 300ºC) for precursors with low vapor pressure or solid precursors
Research Groups: 
Related Sectors: 
Automotive industry
Building and construction industry
Glass coatings
Material science industry
Microelectronics and semiconductor industry
Optoelectronic and optical industry
Renewable energy
Solar cell industry
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