Nanoengineering - Publicaciones del año 2022

1. H. Lafuente, I. Olaetxea, A. Valero, F.J. Álvarez, A. Izeta, I. Jaunarena and A. Seifert
IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics ( title changes ) 26, 2814 (2022)
Identification of Hypoxia-Ischemia by chemometrics considering systemic changes of the physiology

2. L. Arevalo, S. O'Brien, E. Lopez, G. Singh and A. Seifert
International Journal Of Molecular Sciences 23, 6834 (2022)
Design and Development of a Bimodal Optical Instrument for Simultaneous Vibrational Spectroscopy Measurements

3. M. Wagner, A. Seifert and L. Liz-Marzan
Nanoscale Horizons 7, 1259 (2022)
Towards multi-molecular surface-enhanced infrared absorption using metal plasmonics

4. I. Olaetxea, H. Lafuente, E. Lopez, A. Izeta, I. Jaunarena and A. Seifert
Advanced Science 10, (2022)
Photonic Technology for In Vivo Monitoring of Hypoxia-Ischemia