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First steps to work on the issue of gender equality


Equality is a cross-cutting issue that must be worked out from many different fields and should be addressed from different perspectives. NanoGUNE has made the first steps to work consciously and systematically on the issue of gender equality, developing a diagnosis of the situation in a report and also is working on the development of the first Gender-Equality Plan.

CIC nanoGUNE launches a new disruptive technology that allows for a safer delivery of babies

Nanoengineering Group

The Nanoengineering Group at nanoGUNE has developed a new technology that allows for non-invasive and continuous monitoring of physiological risks of babies during labour in real time. The technology helps obstetricians take fast decisions, and hence, reduce the worldwide increasing number of cesareans.

Publication of the 2020 Magnetism Roadmap


Under the Guest Editorship of nanoGUNE’s Research Director Dr. Andreas Berger, the Journal of Physics D – Applied Physics just published the 2020 Magnetism Roadmap.

The "emakumeak Zientzian" initiative, recognized with the STEAM Euskadi seal


The initiative "Emakumeak Zientzian" has been recognized with the STEAM Euskadi Seal by the Basque Government for promoting STEAM education in the Basque Country.

nanoGUNE reaches new depths in infrared nanospectroscopy


Researchers from the Nanooptics Group at CIC nanoGUNE demonstrate that nanoscale infrared imaging – which is established as a surface-sensitive technique – can be employed for chemical nanoidentification of materials that are located up to 100 nm below the surface. The results further show that the infrared signatures of thin surface layers differ from that of subsurface layers of the same material, which can be exploited to distinguish the two cases. The findings, recently published in Nature Communications, push the technique one important step further to quantitative chemometrics at the nanoscale in three dimensions.

CIC nanoGUNE and CIKAUTXO join forces to optimize rubber


CIC nanoGUNE, the Nanoscience Cooperative Research Center, and CIKATEK, the R&D&i unit of CIKAUTXO, are working together to obtain rubber with high added-value by applying nanotechnology.

The company GraphenePioneer winner of the first Global Graphene Call


GraphenePioneer has won the first Global Graphene Call which aims to drive forward business projects relating to graphene. GraphenePioneer sets out to impact on society with the production of as yet unknown graphene-based materials.

A project coordinated by CIC nanoGUNE receives nearly 4 million euros from the European Commission

Fèlix Casanova y Luis Hueso

CIC nanoGUNE is coordinating the SPEAR project, which seeks to explore new materials for the next generation of computer memories and processors; five European academic institutions (CEA-France, ETH Zürich-Switzerland, IMEC-Belgium, U. Hamburg-Germany, Martin Luther University Halle–Germany) and three European companies (ANTAIOS-France, QZabre-Switzerland, NanOsc-Sweden) are also involved in the project.

Research on biocatalytic processing of cellulose featured by Communications Chemistry


The publication entitled ‘Resurrection of efficient Precambrian endoglucanases for lignocellulosic biomass hydrolysis’ has been featured in a themed collection put together by Communications Chemistry that showcases a selection of the Structural Biology, Biocatalysis, and Bioconjugation Research published in the journal.

Unraveling the magnetism of a graphene triangular flake


Graphene is a diamagnetic material, this is, unable of becoming magnetic. However, a triangular piece of graphene is predicted to be magnetic. This apparent contradiction is a consequence of “magic” shapes in the structure of graphene flakes, which force electrons to “spin” easier in one direction. Triangulene is a triangular graphene flake, which possesses a net magnetic moment: it is a graphene nanometer-size magnet. This magnetic state opens fascinating perspectives on the use of these pure-carbon magnets in technology.


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