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2016 Publications

1. M. Zacharska, A. Chuvilin, V. Kriventsov, S. Beloshapkin, M. Estrada, A. Simakov and D. Bulushev
Catalysis Science & Technology 6, 6853 (2016)
Support effect for nanosized Au catalysts in hydrogen production from formic acid decomposition

2. A. Sanchez-Iglesias, J. Barroso, D. Solis, J. Taboada, F. Obelleiro, V. Pavlov, A. Chuvilin and M. Grzelczak
Journal Of Materials Chemistry A 4, 7045 (2016)
Plasmonic substrates comprising gold nanostars efficiently regenerate cofactor molecules

3. C. Hamon, M. Sanz-Ortiz, E. Modin, E. Hill, L. Scarabelli, A. Chuvilin and L. Liz-Marzan
Nanoscale 8, 7914 (2016)
Hierarchical organization and molecular diffusion in gold nanorod/silica supercrystal nanocomposites

4. R. Scott, S. Kickhoefel, O. Schoeps, A. Antanovich, A. Prudnikau, A. Chuvilin, U. Woggon, M. Artemyev and A. Achtstein
Temperature dependent radiative and non-radiative recombination dynamics in CdSe-CdTe and CdTe-CdSe type II hetero nanoplatelets

5. D. Bulushev, M. Zacharska, E. Shlyakhova, A. Chuvilin, Y. Guo, S. Beloshapkin, A. Okotrub and L. Bulusheva
ACS Catalysis 6, 681 (2016)
Single Isolated Pd2+ Cations Supported on N-Doped Carbon as Active Sites for Hydrogen Production from Formic Acid Decomposition

6. P. Vavassori, M. Pancaldi, M. Perez-Roldan, A. Chuvilin and A. Berger
Small 12, 1013 (2016)
Remote Magnetomechanical Nanoactuation

7. S. Lopatin, Y. Ivanov, J. Kosel and A. Chuvilin
Ultramicroscopy 162, 74 (2016)
Multiscale differential phase contrast analysis with a unitary detector

8. Y. Ivanov, A. Chuvilin, L. Vivas, J. Kosel, O. Chubykalo-Fesenko and M. Vazquez
SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 6, 23844 (2016)
Single crystalline cylindrical nanowires - toward dense 3D arrays of magnetic vortices
application/pdf Open Access

9. X. Sun, A. Bedoya-Pinto, Z. Mao, M. Gobbi, W. Yan, Y. Guo, A. Atxabal, R. Llopis, G. Yu, Y. Liu, A. Chuvilin, F. Casanova and L. Hueso
Advanced Materials 28, 2609 (2016)
Active Morphology Control for Concomitant Long Distance Spin Transport and Photoresponse in a Single Organic Device

10. Y. Ivanov, A. Alfadhel, M. Alnassar, J. Perez, M. Vazquez, A. Chuvilin and J. Kosel
SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 6, 24189 (2016)
Tunable magnetic nanowires for biomedical and harsh environment applications
application/pdf Open Access

11. Y. Ivanov, A. Chuyilin, S. Lopatin and J. Kosel
ACS Nano 10, 5326 (2016)
Modulated Magnetic Nanowires for Controlling Domain Wall Motion: Toward 3D Magnetic Memories

12. S. Shah, A. Khan, A. Espinosa, M. Garcia, W. Nuansing, M. Ungureanu, J. Heddle, A. Chuvilin, C. Wege and A. Bittner
Langmuir 32, 5899 (2016)
Virus-Templated Near-Amorphous Iron Oxide Nanotubes

13. S. Skowron, V. Koroteev, M. Baldoni, S. Lopatin, A. Zurutuza, A. Chuvilin and E. Besley
Carbon 105, 176 (2016)
Reaction kinetics of bond rotations in graphene

14. E. Gerasimov, N. Kulikovskaya, A. Chuvilin, L. Isupova and S. Tsybulya
Topics In Catalysis 59, 1354 (2016)
Microstructural Changes in La1-xCaxCoO3-delta Solid Solutions Under the Influence of Catalytic Reaction of Methane Combustion

15. J. Pascual, I. Kosta, T. Tuyen Ngo, A. Chuvilin, G. Cabanero, H. Grande, E. Barea, I. Mora-Sero, J. Delgado and R. Tena-Zaera
Chemsuschem 9, 2679 (2016)
Electron Transport Layer-Free Solar Cells Based on Perovskite-Fullerene Blend Films with Enhanced Performance and Stability

16. V. Kleshch, A. Tonkikh, S. Malykhin, E. Redekop, A. Orekhov, A. Chuvilin, E. Obraztsova and A. Obraztsov
Applied Physics Letters 109, 143112 (2016)
Field emission from single-walled carbon nanotubes modified by annealing and CuCl doping
application/pdf Copyright by the American Institute of Physics. This article may be downloaded for personal use only

17. A. Bonnefond, M. Ibarra, E. Gonzalez, M. Barrado, A. Chuvilin, J. Maria Asua and J. Ramon Leiza
Journal Of Polymer Science Part A-Polymer Chemistry 54, 3350 (2016)
Photocatalytic and magnetic titanium dioxide/polystyrene/magnetite composite hybrid polymer particles

18. A. Tonkikh, D. Rybkovskiy, A. Orekhov, A. Chernov, A. Khomich, C. Ewels, E. Kauppinen, S. Rochal, A. Chuvilin and E. Obraztsova
Carbon 109, 87 (2016)
Optical properties and charge transfer effects in single-walled carbon nanotubes filled with functionalized adamantane molecules

19. A. Orekhov, F. Tuyakova, E. Obraztsova, A. Loginov, A. Chuvilin and A. Obraztsov
Nanotechnology 27, 455707 (2016)
Structural peculiarities of single crystal diamond needles of nanometer thickness

20. L. Frusteri, C. Cannilla, G. Bonura, A. Chuvilin, S. Perathoner, G. Centi and F. Frusteri
Catalysis Today 277, 68 (2016)
Carbon microspheres preparation, graphitization and surface functionalization for glycerol etherification

21. V. Koroteev, I. Kuznetsova, A. Kurenya, M. Kanygin, E. Fedorovskaya, Y. Mikhlin, A. Chuvilin, L. Bulusheva and A. Okotrub
Physica Status Solidi B-Basic Solid State Physics 253, 2451 (2016)
Enhanced supercapacitance of vertically aligned multi-wall carbon nanotube array covered by MoS2 nanoparticles