Electron-microscopy - 2021 year publications

7. D. Garcia-Lojo, E. Modin, S. Gomez-Grana, M. Imperor-Clerc, A. Chuvilin, I. Pastoriza-Santos, J. Perez-Juste, D. Constantin and C. Hamon
Advanced Functional Materials , 2101869 (2021)
Structure and Formation Kinetics of Millimeter-Size Single Domain Supercrystals

6. L. Bigiani, D. Barreca, A. Gasparotto, T. Andreu, J. Verbeeck, C. Sada, E. Modin, O. Lebedev, J. Morante and C. Maccato
Applied Catalysis B-Environmental 284, 119684 (2021)
Selective anodes for seawater splitting via functionalization of manganese oxides by a plasma-assisted process

5. V. Koroteev, S. Stolyarova, A. Kotsun, E. Modin, A. Makarova, Y. Shubin, P. Plyusnin, A. Okotrub and L. Bulusheva
Carbon 173, 194 (2021)
Nanoscale coupling of MoS2 and graphene via rapid thermal decomposition of ammonium tetrathiomolybdate and graphite oxide for boosting capacity of Li-ion batteries

4. K. Ashurbekova, K. Ashurbekova, I. Saric, E. Modin, M. Petravic, I. Abdulagatov, A. Abdulagatov and M. Knez
Chemical Communications 57, 2160 (2021)
Radical-triggered cross-linking for molecular layer deposition of SiAlCOH hybrid thin films

3. S. Gurbatov, E. Modin, V. Puzikov, P. Tonkaev, D. Storozhenko, A. Sergeev, N. Mintcheva, S. Yamaguchi, N. Tarasenka, A. Chuvilin, S. Makarov, S. Kulinich and A. Kuchmizhak
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 13, 6522 (2021)
Black Au-Decorated TiO2 Produced via Laser Ablation in Liquid

2. K. Ashurbekova, K. Ashurbekova, I. Saric, M. Gobbi, E. Modin, A. Chuvilin, M. Petravic, I. Abdulagatov and M. Knez
Chemistry of Materials 33, 1022 (2021)
Ultrathin Hybrid SiAlCOH Dielectric Films through Ring-Opening Molecular Layer Deposition of Cyclic Tetrasiloxane

1. B. Medina-Clavijo, G. Ortiz-de-Zarate, A. Sela, I. Arrieta, A. Fedorets, P. Arrazola and A. Chuvilin
SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 11, 2088 (2021)
In-SEM micro-machining reveals the origins of the size effect in the cutting energy
PDF -In-SEM micro-machining reveals the origins of the size effect in the cutting energy Open Access