X-ray reflectivity/diffractometry (X'pert PRO by PANalytical)

X-ray reflectivity photograph

X-ray diffraction for enabling wide-ranging structural characterizations such as layer crystallinity, grain size analysis, epitaxial relations, layer thickness and interface intermixing, allowing for the optimization of sample preparation conditions and layering sequences.

Offered as External Service

What we can offer:

Layer crystalllinity and thickness analysis

Grain size analysis

Epitaxial relations and interface intermixing studies


  • Thin-film coatings characterization (thickness, density, interface roughness)

  • Crystallographic phase identification and crystal grain size measurements

  • Phase identification and quantification

  • Pore size distribution


Interesting for (with the system):

Material science industry, biotech, automotive industry, iron ad steel industry, metallurgy, machine tool manufacturers, microelectronics and microsystems industry.

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X-ray reflectivity and diffractometry (XRR-XRD)