Polarizability calculator

This Java applet computes the elements of the polarizability tensor α for a general magnetic ellipsoid embedded in an isotropic medium:

ε1 and ε2 are the dielectric tensors of the material and embedding medium, respectively, k is the wavevector of the impinging light, and V is the volume of the ellipsoid. L and D are the static and dynamic depolarization tensors, respectively; the former accounts for the shape of the particle, the latter for the size. The elements of these two tensors are also calculated by the applet.


If you use any results from this program please cite this page and our work on this topic:

N. Maccaferri et al.Polarizability and magnetoplasmonic properties of magnetic general nanoellipsoids, Opt. Express 21(8), 9875-9889 (2013) [link].

Code by F. Corsetti.

Polarizability calculator applet

Nanomagnetism Equipment

Experimental work in the nanomagnetism group is performed by means of equipment specially dedicated to our research lines. The group has also access to the nanoGUNE common cleanroom of nearly 300 m2 fully equipped for nanofabrication.

  • Material growth and nanofabrication
  • Non-magnetic characterization
  • Magnetic characterization