Self-assembly - 2022 year publications

1. M. Iriarte Alonso, A. Bittner and S. Chiantia
BBA Advances 2, 100048 (2022)
Influenza A virus hemagglutinin prevents extensive membrane damage upon dehydration

2. J. Melillo, E. Nikulina, M. Iriarte-Alonso, S. Cerveny and A. Bittner
SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 12, 16512 (2022)
Electron microscopy and calorimetry of proteins in supercooled water
Open Access

3. J. Pereira, D. Tezze, I. Niehues, Y. Asensio, H. Yang, L. Mester, S. Chen, F. Casanova, A. Bittner, M. Ormaza, F. Schiller, B. Martin-Garcia, R. Hillenbrand, L. Hueso and M. Gobbi
Advanced Functional Materials 32, (2022)
Percolating Superconductivity in Air-Stable Organic-Ion Intercalated MoS2

4. Y. Bogawat, S. Krishnan, F. Simmel and I. Santiago
Biophysical Journal 121, 4810 (2022)
Tunable 2D diffusion of DNA nanostructures on lipid membranes