School Visits

NanoGUNE runs a visits program where high-school and university students come to the center in order to have a closer look at scientific research, particularly at nanoscience. Visits typically include a lecture about nanotechnology and its challenges, an open discussion with researchers, and a guided tour to the laboratories.

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Educational Materials

Here you will find educational materials about nanoscience, as weel as interesting links to online educational resources and networks related with nano.

Educational Materials

Online resources

  • NANOYOU: offers educational materials, games, experiments, etc. This European initiative also offers teachers the opportunity to become part of the NANOYOU Schools' Community.
  • TryNano: is a resource for anyone interested in learning about Nanoscience and Nanotechnology.
  • Whatisnano? : DIY experiments, videos, games, etc. about nanosience and nanotechnology
  • Nanoschoolbox : A kit with experiments and demonstrations to draw students’ attention to nanotechnology.
  • NanoKOMIK: nano-fiction comic.
  • 10alamenos9 : Nanodissemination project with activities and materials for a large variety of publics.