NanoGUNE combines world-class fundamental and applied research with technology transfer activities, aiming at working hand-in-hand with the companies in order to provide integrated innovative solutions.

We have launched different initiatives in order to bridge the gap between industry and science, boosting collaboration with local and foreign companies.

Business news

  • The granting of three patents plus an additional three new patent applications considerably enrich CIC nanoGUNE's industrial property portfolio. The center currently has 25 patent applications in the fields of health, optics, materials science and electronics, all at the nanoscale, of course. In addition, 17 patents have been licensed to companies for commercial exploitation purposes.


Ainara Garcia 
TechTransfer Manager
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We find highly innovative solutions to your day to day technical needs.



NanoGUNE promotes an entrepreneur environment. In fact, we have created five new companies: Graphenea, Simune Atomistics, Ctech-nano Coating Technologies, Evolgene, and Prospero.





IP Portfolio

NanoGUNE's Intellectual Property (IP) portfolio includes patents related to health, electronics, materials science and optics.

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