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NanoGUNE is always seeking for innovative ideas that can lead to new scientific discoveries and nanotechnology-based developments. We encourage researchers to shape their ideas with a market-driven vision; we are always willing to listen to entrepreneurs that would like to find nanotechnology-based solutions.

A result of this commitment are the five companies created by nanoGUNE. 

  • Evolgene

    Evolgene is related to the reconstruction of ultraeficient ancestral enzymes that have a wide range of industrial applications.

  • Prospero BioSciences

    NanoGUNE's fifth spin-off company, Prospero BioSciences, was launched in October 2015 by a group of promoters that include,

  • Ctech-nano

    Ctech-nano provides custom coating services and specific coating tools based on Atomic-Layer Deposition (ALD).

  • Simune Atomistic Simulations

    Simune offers customized services in the field of atomic-scale and electromagnetic simulations.

  • Graphenea

    Graphenea commercializes high-quality graphene wafers and develops graphene-based technologies.