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NanoGUNE has joined the Technological Vouchers program from Fomento SS


NanoGUNE has joined the Technological Vouchers program launched by Fomento San Sebastián with three vouchers.

CIC nanoGUNE and Astilleros Balenciaga collaborate to analyze marine-grade steel


CIC nanoGUNE and the Astilleros Balenciaga shipyard have joined forces to establish that the heat-based forming process applied to marine-grade steel, used to build medium-sized vessels, does not exert a negative effect on the microstructure of the material.

CIC nanoGUNE launches a new disruptive technology that allows for a safer delivery of babies

Nanoengineering Group

The Nanoengineering Group at nanoGUNE has developed a new technology that allows for non-invasive and continuous monitoring of physiological risks of babies during labour in real time. The technology helps obstetricians take fast decisions, and hence, reduce the worldwide increasing number of cesareans.

CIC nanoGUNE and CIKAUTXO join forces to optimize rubber


CIC nanoGUNE, the Nanoscience Cooperative Research Center, and CIKATEK, the R&D&i unit of CIKAUTXO, are working together to obtain rubber with high added-value by applying nanotechnology.

The company GraphenePioneer winner of the first Global Graphene Call


GraphenePioneer has won the first Global Graphene Call which aims to drive forward business projects relating to graphene. GraphenePioneer sets out to impact on society with the production of as yet unknown graphene-based materials.

Technology offering the optimisation of polymer´s properties is now protected as part of nanoGUNE´s IP portfolio


The nanomaterials group in nanoGUNE, led by Mato Knez, has developed a new technology called SCIP that allows an improvement of the mechanical properties of polymers. The technology can be directly applied to functionalize textile, opening new perspectives in product development in the sports/fashion or personal protection sector.



Atomic layer deposition (ALD) is a technique used to deposit very thin layers of material in coatings to improve a given physical property or the mechanical properties of a material. This technology is very versatile and useful, but it has been found that the design of chambers for ALD processes, generally oriented to 2D substrates, e.g. silicon wafers as used in microelectronics, does not allow the deposition on complex shaped substrates that may have large sizes or non-geometric shapes (e.g. implants, fibers, and metallurgical parts).

Global Graphene Call, business ideas relating to graphene


CIC nanoGUNE —the Basque nanoscience research centre—, BerriUP —a startup accelerator in Donostia— and Graphenea —nanoGUNE’s first startup devoted to the production and marketing of graphene— have signed a collaboration agreement to drive forward proposals relating to research into graphene. So for the first time they are launching the Global Graphene Call designed to develop business ideas linked to graphene.

nanoGUNE joins forces with BerriUp and Graphenea to launch the Global Graphene Call


The Global Graphene Call aims to drive forward business projects linked to graphene. The deadline for submitting projects is 26 April, 2020.

nanoGUNE PhD Workshop 2020


The PhD researchers of nanoGUNE have organized a one-day event to celebrate the 11th anniversary of nanoGUNE. The workshop has consisted of three sessions: Spin-off inside and outside of nanoGUNE, Escape the lab, and a poster session.