Gender Equality

genderOur vision is to achieve an effective gender equality within our organization, by reversing the existing structural factors that trigger inequalities and building up a working environment free of gender bias, sexist attitudes, and sexual harassment. 
Furthermore, we expect to contribute actively to the construction of a more egalitarian scientific and technological environment that incorporates the perspective of all genders, thus contributing to the development of a society were all people will have equal opportunities. 

In May 2018 a Gender Equality Committee was launched with the mission of securing a gender-bias free working environment at nanoGUNE. A few months later, an internal diagnosis was carried out in the framework of the RI-PEERS EU project – Pilot experiences for improving gender equality in research organisations, in which nanoGUNE participates. This diagnosis served as a basis for the development of a Gender-Equality Plan to be implemented in the period 2019-2022. 

The implementation of nanoGUNE's Gender Equality Plan is led by the Outreach Manager and the Director, in close collaboration with the Gender Equality Committee.


In addition, nanoGUNE is part of the Country Pact for equality and lives free of violence against women - Berdintasun Belaunaldia, promoted by the Basque Government through the Basque Women's Institute Emakunde. This collective platform created in 2022 and formed by citizens and various institutions, is committed to a more egalitarian Basque Country, environmentally sustainable and free from sexist violence.

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Organization chart


The global management and organization of nanoGUNE are described in the organization chart.

Funding Agencies

Since its foundation in 2006, nanoGUNE has obtained an important amount of competitive funding from the local Governments, Industry, and the European Union.