Strategy & policies

The Science, Technology, and Innovation Plan launched by the Basque Government for the period 2001-2004 included nanotechnology as an strategic research area, due to its potential for having a major impact on the competitiveness of Basque companies. As a result, nanoscience research was promoted by the Basque Government.

Since its creation in 2006, nanoGUNE's research activity focuses not only on carrying out excellent research, but also on the transfer of knowledge and technology to its industrial environment.

The main objectives of nanoGUNE are the following:

  • To lead, support and coordinate research in nanoscience and nanotechnology in the Basque Country.
  • To promote technology transfer and the development of a nanotechnology-based Industry.
  • To support new academia curricula and high-level training of researchers in nanoscience and nanotechnology.
  • To foster networking and the creation of alliances with institutions and regions all over the world.
  • To strengthen the social use of research and the public understanding of science, including science and society issues.


NanoGUNE has also developed an Innovation Management System based on the standard UNE 166002 (see certificate). The objective of the System is to optimise and make more efficient all the processes linked with its Research & Development & innovation activity. In this framework, nanoGUNE has developed a Management Policy, as well as several processes and procedures. Moreover, nanoGUNE has identified it's mission, vision, and core values


In November 2019, nanoGUNE is aknowledged with the 'HR Excellence in Research" award, which reflects our commitment to continuously improve our human resources policies in line with the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers (ECRCC), notably our commitment to achieve fair and transparent recruitment and appraisal procedures. Throughout the process of obtaining this aknosledgement, nanoGUNE has identified various strengths and weaknesses (see the Internal Gap Analysis) and has developed an Action Plan in order to develop pertinent actions to improve on the most relevant issues. 


Our vision is to achieve an effective gender equality within our organization, by reversing the existing structural factors that trigger inequalities and building up a working environment free of gender bias, sexist attitudes, and sexual harassment. 
Furthermore, we expect to contribute actively to the construction of a more egalitarian scientific and technological environment that incorporates the perspective of all genders, thus contributing to the development of a society were all people will have equal opportunities. 

In May 2018 a Gender Equality Committee was launched with the mission of securing a gender-bias free working environment at nanoGUNE. A few months later, an internal diagnosis was carried out in the framework of the RI-PEERS EU project – Pilot experiences for improving gender equality in research organisations, in which nanoGUNE participates. This diagnosis served as a basis for the development of a Gender-Equality Plan to be implemented in the period 2019-2022. 

The implementation of nanoGUNE's Gender Equality Plan is led by the Outreach Manager and the Director, in close collaboration with the Gender Equality Committee.

Organization chart


The global management and organization of nanoGUNE are described in the organization chart.

Funding Agencies

Since its foundation in 2006, nanoGUNE has obtained an important amount of competitive funding from the local Governments, Industry, and the European Union.