Nanodevices - 2011 year publications

1. M. Gobbi, F. Golmar, R. Llopis, F. Casanova and L. Hueso
Advanced Materials 23, 1609 (2011)
Room-Temperature Spin Transport in C-60-Based Spin Valves

2. M. Schnell, P. Alonso-Gonzalez, L. Arzubiaga, F. Casanova, L. Hueso, A. Chuvilin and R. Hillenbrand
Nature Photonics 5, 283 (2011)
Nanofocusing of mid-infrared energy with tapered transmission lines

3. N. Perez, F. Casanova, F. Bartolome, L. M. Garcia, A. Labarta and X. Batlle
Physical Review B 83, 184411 (2011)
Griffiths-like phase and magnetic correlations at high fields in Gd5Ge4
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4. P. Alonso-Gonzalez, M. Schnell, P. Sarriugarte, H. Sobhani, C. Wu, N. Arju, A. Khanikaev, F. Golmar, P. Albella, L. Arzubiaga, F. Casanova, L. Hueso, P. Nordlander, G. Shvets and R. Hillenbrand
Nano Letters 11, 3922 (2011)
Real-Space Mapping of Fano Interference in Plasmonic Metamolecules