Nanodevices - 2024 year publications

12. M. Gadea, A. Asaithambi, R. Bernabeu-Cabanero, A. Farrando-Perez, M. Ramos, J. Sancho-Garcia, I. Kriegel, M. Diaz-Garcia and M. Calvo
Advanced Functional Materials , 2401896 (2024)
Enhancing Single-Layer WSe2 Light Emission in Perylene-Doped Polymer Films through Efficient Energy Transfer

11. P. Yuan, S. Catalano, W. Skowronski, R. Llopis, F. Casanova and L. Hueso
Acs Applied Electronic Materials , 6 (2024)
Tuning the Magnon Transport Properties of Y3Fe5O12 with a Cobalt Phthalocyanine Molecular Layer

10. Y. Asensio, H. Jalali, S. Marras, M. Gobbi, F. Casanova, A. Mateo-Alonso, F. Di Stasio, I. Rivilla, L. Hueso and B. Martín-García
Advanced Optical Materials , (2024)
Circularly Polarized Photoluminescence in Chiral Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Manganese Halide Perovskites: From Bulk Materials to Exfoliated Flakes

9. H. Yang, Z. Chi, G. Avedissian, E. Dolan, M. Karuppasamy, B. Martin-Garcia, M. Gobbi, Z. Sofer, L. Hueso and F. Casanova
Advanced Functional Materials 2404872, (2024)
Gate-Tunable Spin Hall Effect in Trilayer Graphene/Group-IV Monochalcogenide van der Waals Heterostructures

8. M. Suarez-Rodríguez, B. Martín-García, W. Skowronski, K. Staszek, F. Calavalle, A. Fert, M. Gobbi, F. Casanova and L. Hueso
Advanced Materials 2400729, (2024)
Microscale Chiral Rectennas for Energy Harvesting

7. D. Tsikritzis, K. Chatzimanolis, N. Tzoganakis, K. Rogdakis, M. Zappia, B. Martín-García, A. Bagheri, H. Beydaghi, L. Dekanovsky, Z. Sofer, S. Bellani, F. Bonaccorso and E. Kymakis
Sustainable Energy & Fuels 8, 2180 (2024)
Engineering of the perovskite/electron-transporting layer interface with transition metal chalcogenides for improving the performance of inverted perovskite solar cells

6. A. Rodriguez-Abetxuko, E. Romero-Ben, A. Ontoria, M. Heredero, B. Martín-García, K. Kumar, S. Martín-Saldaña, F. Conzuelo and A. Beloqui
Advanced Functional Materials 34, (2024)
Engineered Metal-Loaded Biohybrids to Promote the Attachment and Electron-Shuttling between Enzymes and Carbon Electrodes

5. A. Fert, R. Ramesh, V. Garcia, F. Casanova and M. Bibes
Reviews Of Modern Physics 96, 015005 (2024)
Electrical control of magnetism by electric field and current-induced torques

4. Z. Chi, S. Lee, H. Yang, E. Dolan, C. Safeer, J. Ingla-Aynés, F. Herling, N. Ontoso, B. Martín-García, M. Gobbi, T. Low, L. Hueso and F. Casanova
Advanced Materials 36, 2310768 (2024)
Control of Charge-Spin Interconversion in van der Waals Heterostructures with Chiral Charge Density Waves

3. M. Suárez-Rodríguez, B. Martín-García, W. Skowronski, F. Calavalle, S. Tsirkin, I. Souza, F. De Juan, A. Chuvilin, A. Fert, M. Gobbi, F. Casanova and L. Hueso
Physical Review Letters 132, 046303 (2024)
Odd Nonlinear Conductivity under Spatial Inversion in Chiral Tellurium

2. M. Picchio, M. Orellano, M. Motta, C. Huck-Iriart, D. Sánchez-deAlcázar, R. Lopez-Domene, B. Martín-García, A. Larrañaga, A. Beloqui, D. Mecerreyes and M. Calderón
Advanced Functional Materials , 2313747 (2024)
Elastomeric Protein Bioactive Eutectogels for Topical Drug Delivery

1. D. Spirito, S. Marras and B. Martín-García
Lattice dynamics in chiral tellurium by linear and circularly polarized Raman spectroscopy: crystal orientation and handedness