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Electron-Beam Lithography (Raith -150-TWO / E-line)

Electron-Beam Lithography (Raith -150-TWO / E-line)

Electron-Beam Lithography photograph

E-Beam Lithography used for design and nanostructure fabrication.

Offered as External Service

Electron beam column and optics:

  • Electron source: Schottky field emitter ZrO/W.
  • Beam energy range: 100 V to 30 kV in 10 V steps.
  • Beam current range: 5 pA – 20 nA.
  • Beam size (Gaussian beam):
    • 2 nm at 20 kV at 3 mm working distance.
    • nm at 1 kV at 3 mm working distance.
  • Deflection system with writing field size range: from 0.5 µm up to 2 mm
  • Laser interferometer controlled stage (res. 2 nm, repeatability <<50 nm)
  • Aperture: 7 to 120 μm
  • 20 MHz high speed pattern generation
  • Automated height sensing
  • Minimum feature size ≤ 20 nm.
  • Possibility to pattern areas of up to 4” wafers
Related Sectors: 
Automotive industry
Laboratory test facility
Material science industry
Microelectronics and semiconductor industry
CR1 - eBeam Lithography Room
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